Welcome to
L2 Gaderatux!
Interlude x50 XP/SP ∙ x200 Adena
GM Shop ∙ Buffer ∙ Titanium sets ∙ Dual Hero weapons ∙ Safe Enchant x40
Revive old days!
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Enjoy a server focused on pvp, no more time farming!
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Special zones for farm like TOI 13 and monastery!
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Dual Hero Weapons
Custom Dual Hero Weapons available for all classes in the GM Shop!
Server info
Server time UTC +2:00 / CET
XP/SP x50
Adena x200
Drop/Spoil x1
Quest Drop x2
No Karma droppable items
Safe Max Enchant x40
Auto loot
Auto learn skills
Gm Shop
Class Transfer NPC
Subclass without quest
TvT Event
Champion mod
All castle sieges enabled
Dual Hero Weapons
Titanium sets
Server rules


All accounts created belongs to L2 Gaderatux, we have the right in any moment to revoke his access, suspend or delete it.
Donations are created just for maintain the server we dont have the obligation to give you anything or grant any special privilege.
We can remove the server at any time if we have to do it.
If you dont agree in any of this terms you can leave it.


Needless to say that the use of any third party programs, especially hacking and bot programs that alter the normal use and enjoyment of the game will lead to permanent banning. It does not matter whether the software was being used to play L2 Gaderatux or somewhere else, if any forbidden software is detected in the computer while playing, the account will be inevitably banned. Any unauthorised client side changes to attempt to bypass our launcher, hack game settings, etc. is strictly forbidden and will lead to permanent ban of the account. Special mention about the importance of not leaving your account to anyone. Do it at your own risk but you are ultimately responsible of what happens to the account. This means that if anyone logs in your account with any ilegal software the account will be banned.


Taking deliberate advantage of a bug instead of reporting it will be punished and can lead to permanent ban at our own discretion. This includes but it’s not limited to: bugged quests that are easier than it should, or give higher rewards than what they are supposed to, bugged skills that are more powerful than it should, killing mobs from a position where they cannot reach you.


Deliberate SPAM in forum/discord/in-game will lead to permanent ban of in-game account. Adena sellers are not allowed on L2 Gaderatux. Selling/Buying anything (adena, items, characters, etc.) for real money is strictly forbidden and will lead to permanent ban of BOTH SELLER AND BUYER accounts. Furthermore, the punishment may be applied to other players directly/indirectly involved, at GMs discretion. In other words, if you proactively help adena sellers/buyers instead of reporting them, you may as well get banned, and pretending not being aware of what’s going on will not help you. We reserve the right to refuse admission at our own discretion. We reserve the right to request a player to change his name and/or title if considered inappropriate/offensive/reserved for GMs etc. The character will be notified and allowed to chose a new name free of charge and there will be no further actions. If player refuses to cooperate the staff may rename the character at his own criteria, as well as applying the corresponding punishment which will depend on player’s behaviour and can range from ban chat to account ban.


The respect to other players, as to the gm/admins is vital and is taken for granted. This community is here for you to play and to have fun and enjoy, whether with farming or pvp, everyone has to find their place without disrespecting anyone. There will be penalties for users who don’t respect this, serious or repeated faults may lead to temporary or permanent banning of an account. Characters with names with insults included will be deleted and is expected a minimum attitude of users in discord and forum also can not attach photos uploaded tone / pornography. We put a lot of effort in this project, any comment questioning staff’s or the integrity of this project, either directly or subtly, without any kind of proof, will be considered a severe fault and can lead to a permanent ban at our own discretion.


The client chosen for the project is Interlude, we believe that is the balance between content respecting the true spirit of this awesome game. From L2 Gaderatux, we commit ourselves to never update to subsequent chronicles in which we believe this game begins to dilute. Much game content has been tested, but as you know the content of the DB is immense as well as its possibilities. We ask you to report the bugs you find and we promise to fix everything in our hand and a little more (we will investigate if necessary) to get a gaming experience as perfect as possible. In such a way it is forbidden to create characters with the letters GM included in the name, these characters will be deleted because there can be no doubt who is GM and who is not. Donations are necessary for the long-term functioning of the project but, let’s remember that this is a gamer community of and for players and donating is a collaboration, not a purchase, by which you are not entitled to more privileges or any other position than knowing that you are collaborating to give life to this project.


Private conversations via discord and other means may not be exposed in public media at the discretion of the staff member.

UPDATED AT: 30/06/2022
Privacy policy
We will not sell, rent or transfer any of your personal identifiable information or a list of our customers to a thid parties without explicit consent.
We will not send you at the moment when this is update any email with marketing or promotional materials.
The privacy practices of this statement apply to our services available under the domain and subdomains of this website
By visiting this website you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy. If you dont agree please do not use or access this domain.

We use SSL for encrypt all data between the user and application in our signup forms. Any individual, except admins can access users account information in the database. The passwors introduced by the user in the register form are encrypted, so nobody included admins can even read it.

We want you to always be aware of what personal and other information we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances we may disclose it. All personal information that we collect will be handled according to the Privacy Policy in effect at the time the information is collected. If the Privacy Policy changes in any significant respect, we will not use your personal data in a manner that is inconsistent with the Privacy Policy in effect at the time your information was collected without your permission.

UPDATED AT: 30/06/2022


Greetings, and we will keep you informed, enjoy!